Here is  sample of an email that you could send to other blog owners who may be possible targets of a Joint Venture with you.


Hi ______ (blog owner)


I’ve been reading _______ (blog name.) Congratulations on ________ (whatever. Add a couple of points which show you’ve read the blog, and that you understand the audience.)


It occurred to me that your readers might be interested in a post on _______ (whatever. Make sure that this is honest. You REALLY think the readers would be interested.)


I’d love to share my insights with your readers in a post titled “_________” (the title of your guest blog post.)


In the post, I’ll discuss __________ (three points you’ll discuss.)


The post will be _____ (number of words.)


You can see examples of my writing style at __________ (your own blog, or other.)


Looking forward to hearing from you.






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