Below is a list of the different QR code makers that you can use to create your own QR code. Some are free and some have a fee.



  • Shopify – Shopify’s QR code generator lets you enter any web URL, phone number, SMS or plain text. (thanks to Rebecca Benton for this one)
  • ZXing – Simple to use interface (no advanced options).
  • Delivr – Another simple to use interface (no advanced options).
  • SnapMaze – Few types however allows color choices.
  • RACO – For advanced users, not very simple to use.
  • BeQRious – Simple and has many options. Allows you to put your logo into the code.
  • Bosqweb – Several options including social media.
  • ConnectMe QR – Creates a mobile page with your contact info.
  • ItsMyURLs – Sort of the MySpace of QR codes.
  • Kaywa – Simple. URL, Text, SMS and Phone only.
  • Likify – Creates a QR code that goes to a like button for your FB Page.
  • Mobilefish – Advanced QR code generator.
  • QReate & Track – Simple to use with plenty of info. Also allows for tracking.
  • Quickmark – Many options to choose from.
  • Qurify – Only does text. Nothing else.
  • SmallQR – Creates a short link QR code.
  • Social QR Code – Requires registration. Creates QR codes for social media.
  • Tagginn – QR Code & MS TAG Generating with Tracking Analytics
  • QR Pro – Profile Exchange, Reader and Creator of QR 2D Barcode Profession Version in iPhone ($1.99)

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